Saane Burton, Program Manager (Curriculum and Scheduling)

The Department of English welcomes Saane Burton as the new program manager in curriculum and scheduling. Her responsibilities include scheduling all non-Writing Programs courses, as well as assisting in the submission of new courses, changes, and updates to ensure all necessary approvals are acquired each semester. She also aids in the hiring process of graders.

Burton earned a BS in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix and has completed some courses toward her master’s all while being a single parent, now also a grandma, as well as working full time. In her time at ASU, she has gained an impressive degree of knowledge and experience in her work throughout the university’s different campuses and departments. She started at ASU in 2010 at the Polytechnic campus with the Math and Applied Sciences Department. She then transferred to the Tempe campus, working in the Memorial Union as an activity advisor, where she assisted in the planning of events and activities with coalitions, focusing on “bringing cultural awareness and education of Asian Pacific Island groups on campus.” Burton left ASU for a short time, but returned a year later to the School of Sustainability as the academic scheduler/course curriculum support specialist before coming to us in English four years later.

Burton has continued to work on health and wellness over the past year during this time of remote work and social distancing. “I’ve been trying out different exercise classes,” she says. “I’m not a fan of cardio and would rather lift weights, though I fully understand the necessity of the two together,” she chuckled. “In trying new activities, I’ve come to really enjoy hot yoga, spin classes, and hiking.” Beyond keeping up on her health, she also has several hobbies and interests: “In my free time, I can be found enjoying family and friends trying out new dining or breakfast spots, binge watching Netflix or Hulu, trying out a new exercise class, or bargain shopping around town.”

Burton is very much family oriented as she comes from a large, extended one. “I am originally from Tonga, which on the map looks like three dots, but in reality is a kingdom of approximately 170 islands in the South Pacific,” she explained “My dad initially came to Arizona back in the 60's and started working to save money to bring my mom, myself, and siblings here. He would visit us back in Tonga as often as he could, and when he finally saved enough money, moved the rest of our family here to AZ.”

Nuku Island in the southern part of the Vavaʻu Islands, Tonga.

Burton’s parents wanted to make sure their children had many education and career opportunities, and would expound on how having a good education and a great job would not only benefit their families, but their community as well. “My family enjoys spending a lot of time together,” she added. “We are together not only for holidays and birthdays but oftentimes on the weekends at each other's houses having dinner or family game nights.” Burton smiled before continuing. “I have five kids,” she said. “They are between the ages of 17, soon to be 18 this year, and 23.” She is also a new grandma, or “G-mom” as she calls it, to a 1 year old and 3-month-old. “I’m in denial still of being referred to as the ‘G’ word. I instead refer to myself as Mama Saane with my grandkids,” she laughed. “Finally, I have a terrier/poodle mix named Melo but he thinks he’s a pit bull.”

The Department of English is excited to have Burton working with us and we all are giving her a virtual welcoming wave to the department.

Kira Assad

Image 1: Courtesy photo of Saane Burton holding her son's dog, Lucci. 

Image 2: Nuku Island in the southern part of the Vavaʻu Islands, Tonga. Photo by Msdstefan on Wikimedia, used under CC 3.0.