Applied linguistics combines research topics in the linguistics sciences and education, to pursue principled approaches to language-related concerns. The PhD program in applied linguistics is focused on simultaneous and developmental bilingualism in children and adolescents.Faculty participate in the program from within multiple curricular units across the institution's four campuses. The program encourages transdisciplinary study, and its flexible requirements enable students to pursue those aspects of the disciplines that interest them the most.

Enhance your academic and professional profile with an understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate language learning. Develop a solid theoretical understanding of computer-assisted language learning activities and the skills for implementing them in the language classroom.

ASU's creative writing program is distinguished by an outstanding faculty that has garnered national and international attention and is consistently ranked among top-tier programs in poetry and fiction. The program's curricular strengths, community outreach and close mentorship combine to define pragmatic, successful outcomes for students, graduates and artist-citizens.

Graduate Certificate

Critical Theory

You can learn strategies for agile, nimble thinking and for writing that's useful in tackling complex, worldly problems. Critical theory is a vast and advanced field, with applications across industries and professions, such as English studies, linguistics, philosophy, African American studies, women and gender studies, law, history, politics and sustainability.

This doctoral program is designed for a wide range of students with diverse interests, backgrounds and professional goals. It is ideal preparation for your career as an expert teacher of English, or as a scholar, researcher, curriculum developer, teacher educator or leader in the field of English education.

ASU's English department boasts an internationally recognized faculty with expertise across historical, geographical and theoretical boundaries. With a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum, an assigned faculty mentor upon admittance, and various internship and professional development opportunities, this doctoral program prepares you to enter academia and as well as a variety of careers.

Explore history, theories and methods of rhetorical inquiry across disciplines such as anthropology, law, psychology, religion, history, cognitive science and beyond. Prepare yourself for entrance into academia as well as for a variety of careers through a variety of internships and professional development opportunities and a strong mentoring program.


English Education, MA

As a current or aspiring secondary English language arts teacher, you are empowered to conduct classroom-based research, strengthen teaching practices and expand your professional knowledge base. You can achieve this through instruction and mentoring provided by dynamic faculty who specialize in teaching secondary writing, young adult literature, literacy and social justice.


English, MA

Study with award-winning faculty in a dynamic, multidisciplinary English department. Fulfill your interests with coursework focused on exciting inquiries into culture and language, digital literacy, environmental studies, film analysis, linguistics, medieval and early modern cultural studies, or young adult literature. Take advantage of internship, professional development and independent research opportunities.

Complete your degree in one or two years in a program ideal for working professionals and lifelong learners looking to develop media literacy training in film, television and digital media. Faculty for this program include noted scholars in fields across film and media.

Graduate Certificate


If you're fascinated by language and its many forms and functions, this certificate will help you broaden your theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Work with world-renowned language experts to gain a deeper understanding of linguistics. This program can be taken in conjunction with a master's degree or as a stand-alone certificate for career development.

If you're fascinated by language and its many forms and functions, then this degree is for you. Customize a personally relevant study plan from diverse research areas and flexible course options leading to solid foundational training and a culminating research experience that kick-starts your professional career.

Prepare for a career in academia or a variety of other professional paths. This program boasts an internationally recognized faculty with expertise in a wide range of linguistics and applied linguistics subfields. Supervised internships, innovative mentoring program, vibrant research community, and professional development training and opportunities help you meet your academic and professional goals.

Graduate Certificate

Medieval Studies

Studying the global Middle Ages will open new perspectives on the global present, provide you with a foundation for future study in the humanities, and encourage you to integrate the disciplines of literature, history and the arts in your studies.

Are you interested in language and an exciting career teaching English anywhere in the world? This flexible program (in-person or fully online) is supported by supervised internships, and you'll work closely with expert faculty in linguistics and language education to develop your professional skills and knowledge.