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Undergraduate Minors and Certificates



Enhance your critical thinking and communication skills and develop your creativity through your choice of courses in literature, writing and linguistics.

Where did language come from, and how does it shape our thinking and actions? Explore the historical and cultural aspects of the English language, and consider how you can apply this knowledge in a variety of settings.

Open up your world to new cultures and perspectives. Studying literature encourages you to consider your role within diverse people, places and ideas, and deepens your understanding of what it means to be human. The critical and analytical writing and comprehension skills you learn can enhance any major.

Explore the relationships between humans, nature and the environment, and be better prepared to engage in activities that lead to meaningful social and environmental change.

Are you a movie buff? Discover everything from film classics to new cinema and their impact on society and culture. Explore television, emerging media and film genres to gain a greater understanding of yourself and others.

Are you thinking about a career in health care? Gain an edge by learning to understand the complex and interdisciplinary facets of health, including how empathy, mindfulness, resilience and compassion intersect with research and care.

Do you have an interest in languages and people? Are you interested in making an impact locally and globally? Gain valuable teaching experience and prepare for a variety of jobs that give you opportunities to see the world.

Learn how to turn words into actions. Improve your communication skills, enhance your professional qualifications and career prospects, and ready yourself to help change the world.