Administrative Leadership 2022-23

  • Chair: Kris Ratcliffe 
  • Associate Chair (Personnel): Jessica Early
  • Associate Chair (Curriculum): Aya Matsuda
  • Associate Director, Curriculum & Instruction: Linda Sullivan
  • Director of Graduate Studies: Cora Fox (fall 2022) / Brad Ryner (spring 2023)
  • Director of Writing Programs: Kyle Jensen

Program Directors

  • Director of Creative Writing: Tara Ison (fall 2022) / Sally Ball (spring 2023)
  • Director of English Education: Christina Saidy 
  • Director of Film and Media Studies: Julia Himberg 
  • Director of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics & TESOL: Matthew Prior
  • Director of Literature: Jonathan Hope
  • Director of Writing, Rhetoric & Literacies: Mark Hannah

Administrative Directors/Managers

  • Business Operations Manager, Sr.: Lorinda Liggins
  • Director of Communications: Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Appointed Posts

  • Articulation Task Force: Kyle Jensen
  • Assessment Coordinator: Christine Holbo (fall 2022); Sarah Florini (spring 2023) 
  • Director of Digital Technology: Bruce Matsunaga
  • Director of Internships: Ruby Macksoud
  • Director of Online Programs: Kathleen Hicks
  • Fletcher Lecture Coordinator: Melissa Free
  • Library Liaison: Brad Irish 
  • Parliamentarian: Elizabeth Horan
  • Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society), faculty advisor: Jim Blasingame
  • Staff Representatives: Jaclyn Lindsey & Linda Sullivan  
  • TA Orientation/Professional Development: Kyle Jensen 

Elective Posts


  • Aaron Baker

Budget & Personnel Committee (elected)

  • Karen Adams
  • Lee Bebout
  • Jim Blasingame
  • Mark James
  • Devoney Looser
  • Richard Newhauser
  • Jessica Early (ex officio)

Instructor Representatives

  • Jackie Brady
  • Heather Cimino-Lance
  • Adam Hoffman
  • Amilynne Johnston
  • Kenneth Landenburg
  • Jeremy Meyer
  • Abigail Oakley

University/College Senate

  • Dana Tait (yr 1)
  • Solmaz Sharif (yr 1) 
  • Heather Maring (yr 3)

Writing Programs Committee 

  • (TBD - August 2022)

Department Committee Membership (Appointed)

Admissions Committees for Program Areas

  • Determined by Program Directors & Chair

Awards Committee/s 

  • Brad Irish (chair)
  • Lisa Han
  • Mitchell Jackson
  • Kassie Lamp
  • Kathryn Pruitt
  • Kristen LaRue-Sandler (ex officio)
  • Linda Sullivan (ex officio)
  • [Committee solicits input from the DGS, the Associate Chair of Curriculum, Lead Advisor, the Director of Communications, and academic program directors]

Career Faculty Committee 

  • Dana Tait (chair)
  • Cajsa Baldini
  • Christopher Bradley
  • Lynette Myles 
  • Kevin Sandler
  • Joshua Vasquez

Committee for Altruistic Research and Experience (CARE)

  • Danielle Alfrandre (co-chair) 
  • Shauna Dranetz (co-chair) 
  • Karen Adams
  • Elly Van Gelderen - spring only
  • Bruce Matsunaga
  • Katie Morrissey
  • Henry Quintero
  • Shirley Rose - fall only

Curriculum Committee 

  • Aya Matsuda (Associate Chair, Curriculum) 
  • Tara Ison / Sally Ball (Director of CW)
  • Christina Saidy (Director of English Ed)
  • Julia Himberg (Director of FMS)
  • Jonathan Hope (Director of Lit)
  • Matthew Prior (Director of Ling, Applied Ling, and TESOL)
  • Mark Hannah (Director of WRL)
  • Cora Fox / Brad Ryner (Director of Graduate Studies)
  • Kathleen Hicks (Director of Online Programs)
  • Linda Sullivan (Lead Adviser)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

  • Joe Lockard (Chair)
  • Aviva Dove-Viebahn
  • Stacey Moran 
  • Tyler Peterson 
  • Safiya Sinclair
  • Tricia Webb

Elections Committee

  • Paul Matsuda (chair)
  • Peter Goggin
  • Bruce Matsunaga

Events Committee

  • Brian Goodman (chair)
  • Gabe Acevedo
  • Brandi Adams
  • Jackie Balderrama
  • Michael Begay
  • Kara von Holten
  • LaMonte Key
  • Mustafa Khaleel 
  • Mike McNally
  • Kristen LaRue-Sandler (ex officio)
  • Bruce Matsunaga (ex officio)

Executive Committee

  • Aya Matsuda (Associate Chair)
  • Tara Ison / Sally Ball (Director of CW)
  • Christina Saidy (Director of English Ed)
  • Julia Himberg (Director of FMS)
  • Jonathan Hope (Director of Lit)
  • Matthew Prior (Director of Ling, Applied Ling, and TESOL)
  • Mark Hannah (Director of WRL)
  • Cora Fox / Brad Ryner (Director of Graduate Studies)
  • Kathleen Hicks (Director of Online Programs)
  • Jessica Early (Associate Chair, Personnel) 
  • Linda Sullivan (Lead Adviser)

Graduate Committee

  • Cora Fox / Brad Ryner (chair)
  • Tara Ison (fall) Sally Ball (spring) (Director of CW)
  • Christina Saidy (Director of English Ed)
  • Jonathan Hope (Director of Lit)
  • Julia Himberg (Director of FMS)
  • Kyle Jensen (Director of Writing Programs)
  • Mark Hannah (Director of WRL)
  • Matthew Prior (Director of LAL and TESOL)
  • Sheila Luna (Graduate Programs Manager)
  • Kathleen Hicks (Director of Online Programs, ex-officio)
  • TBD (graduate student rep)

Operations Committee

  • Matt Bell (chair)
  • Bob Bjork
  • Lisa Barksdale-Shaw (spring)
  • Lilly Downs
  • Melissa Free (fall)
  • Jake Greene
  • David Hawkes
  • Kristen LaRue-Sandler
  • Bruce Matsunaga
  • Bryan Smith

Newsletter Committee

  • Elizabeth Horan (co-chair)
  • Kristen LaRue-Sandler (co-chair)
  • Kira Assad
  • Larry Ellis
  • Jenny Irish
  • Sheila Luna
  • Sarah Viren

Writing Programs Administrative Committees 

  • (to be appointed- August 2022)

Ad Hoc Committees 

ENG Representatives to ENG/Humanities/EdPlus Committee

  • Kris Ratcliffe (DEPT CHAIR)
  • Kathleen Hicks (Online)
  • Julia Himberg (FMS MAS)
  • Cora Fox / Brad Ryner (ENG MA)
  • Aya Matsuda (ASSOC CHAIR)
  • Matt Prior (LAL/MTESOL) 
  • Linda Sullivan (UG)

Reading Room and Book Donation Committee (new)

  • Doris Warriner (chair)
  • Michael Begay 
  • Joe Buenker
  • Mollie Connelly-MacNeill
  • Peter Goggin (fall)
  • Kristen LaRue 
  • Heather Maring 

University Service

  • Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (Director): Lois Brown
  • Committee on Academic Freedom & Tenure (Tempe Campus): Aya Matsuda (2020-2023)
  • Committee on Academic Professional Status: Ruby Macksoud
  • Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC): Claudia Sadowski-Smith (2020-)
  • Faculty Women’s Associate Executive Board (Member): Claudia Sadowski-Smith 
  • General Studies Council: Sarah Florini
  • Governance Grievance Committee: Kathleen Lamp (2019-2022)
  • Melikian Center Advisory Board (Member): Claudia Sadowski-Smith
  • Osher Lifelong Institute at ASU, Senior Fellow: Kevin Sandler
  • Project Humanities (Director): Neal Lester 
  • Residency Appeal Hearing Committee: Ruby Macksoud
  • University Academic Professional Grievance Committee: Ruby Macksoud 
  • University P&T Committee: Ayanna Thompson 
  • University Promotion & Continuing Appt Review Committee: Ruby Macksoud
  • University International Student OPT/CPT Committee: Ruby Macksoud

College Service

  • Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Director): Ayanna Thompson 
  • Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Associate Director): Ruben Espinosa
  • Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Outreach): Maddie Sayet
  • Center for Imagination in the Borderlands (Director): Natalie Diaz
  • Center for Public Humanities (Lisa New) 
  • College Curriculum Committee: Cora Fox (2021-23)
  • Committee on Committees: Tricia Webb (2021-2024)
  • Committee on the Quality of Instruction: Cajsa Baldini (2022-2025)
  • Committee on Student Affairs & Grievances: Christine Holbo (2022-2025)
  • Committee of Review: Elizabeth Horan (2022-2025)
  • Dean’s Academic Professional Advisory Council: Ruby Macksoud (2019-22) 
  • Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee, Member: Shirley Rose (2021-2024)
  • Aaron Baker (Spring 2023 only, to fill in for Shirley)
  • Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee, Advisor: Paul Matsuda (2018-present)
  • Desert Humanities (Associate Director): Ron Broglio (2018-present)
  • Environmental Humanities/Global Futures Lab: Joni Adamson
  • Faculty Digital Initiative Committee: Cajsa Baldini (2021-23)
  • Institute for Humanities (Director): Nicole Anderson
  • Institute for Humanities Research (Associate Director): Ron Broglio 
  • Poetry for the People: Solmaz Sharif
  • Student Affairs and Grievances Committee: Joe Lockard (2019-22)
  • Department Service outside of Appointed Committees in Bylaws
  • CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) Certificate: Bryan Smith
  • Comparative Lit Concentration/MA, Advisor: Claudia Sadowski-Smith
  • Connected Academics Liaison: Ellie Long
  • Environmental Humanities Certificate: Joni Adamson
  • Graduate Critical Theory Certificate: Ron Broglio
  • Graduate Linguistics Certificate: Elly van Gelderen
  • Interdisciplinary Health Humanities Certificate: Cora Fox
  • Iron City Magazine, Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief: Corri Wells
  • Prison Education Awareness Club, Faculty Advisor: Corri Wells
  • TESOL Certificate: Matt Prior
  • Writers’ Place Awards Committee: Heather Hoyt

On Sabbatical or Approved Leave

AY 2022-23 

  • Sally Ball Fall 2022 (sabbatical leave)
  • Sarah Florini Fall 2022 (sabbatical leave)
  • Melissa Free Spring 2023 (sabbatical leave)
  • Elly van Gelderen Fall 2022 (sabbatical leave)
  • Peter Goggin Spring 2023 (sabbatical leave)
  • Shirley Rose Spring 2023 (sabbatical leave)
  • Brad Ryner Fall 2022 (sabbatical leave)
  • Doris Warriner Spring 2023 (sabbatical leave)