How teachers get taught

Where does all that information come from?

How Teachers Get Taught crossword image

Regents Professor and resident crossword sage Alberto Ríos has taught at ASU since 1982. He's a veritable fount of knowledge—institutional, philosophical, poetical and, well, trivial. Here, he's produced a crossword puzzle recording some of the information potpourri he's stored up over the years, and from which he draws inspiration on a daily basis. 

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2  Electronic other world
5  How the alphabet begins
6  One dishes it to share gossip
9  Its child is full of grace
10  Marconi's partner to dash
11  Something fabricated or made up
13  A very long period of time
14  Vehicle moving from gas to electric
15  Greek goddess of Earth
18  Home sets used to be black and white
20  Tale
21  Often put before the wheel
22  Information not previously known to someone
23  Queries
25  Where to borrow actual books
28  Book of instructions
29  Bring together
30  Sound used to attract someone's attention surreptitiously.
31  The people's online encyclopedia


1  Speaking
3  6-6
4  Voice-only entertainment devices
7  Discussions with authors about new books
8  Cogitating
9  Roget's book of similar words
10  Book of word definitions
12  A book or a cellphone message
16  Work produced by human imagination and skill
17  An experienced and trusted advisor
19  Long period of time marked by something distinguishing
20  Dead, Red, Sargasso, Salton
21  Contemporary name for phone
24  Suns
26  Found on a library shelf
27  A lightbulb over one's head

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