The following list is by no means complete. English majors wishing to participate in an internship for academic credit might consider this list as a starting point. Potential interns are urged to seek out their own possibilities and to apply their creativity and analytical skills to their own career potential.

Advertising Copywriter
Writes ad copy for display in all media: newspaper, magazine, billboard, packaging, television, radio.

Computer Instructional Designer
Writes instructional and tutorial manuals and course materials for internal and customer training. Works for manufacturers of computer hardware and software. May require course work or experience in teaching, as well as some technical background.

Computer Marketing Communications Specialist
Writes brochures, data sheets and other marketing materials to promote a computer product. May include video scripting. Works for manufacturers of computer hardware and software. Typically requires some technical knowledge.

Continuity Writer
Writes and edits scripts for broadcast announcers, noting the sequence and length of each segment and charting the inclusion of commercials. Works for radio and television producers.

Copy Editor/Copy Reader
Edits printed copy for grammatical and stylistic errors. Works in a variety of settings: book and magazine publishers, newspapers, advertising agencies, in-house publications of business and agency newsletters and releases.

Corporate Communications Specialist
Writes press releases, speeches, annual reports and other material to promote a corporation and its image. Works for all corporations in all fields.

Writes freelance reports for one or more publications. Usually has special knowledge of the subject or geographic area covered. Works as an independent contractor.

Editorial Assistant
Evaluates manuscripts; reviews and edits copy; coordinates photography, illustrations, and graphics; secures copyrights and permissions to quote copyrighted material. Works for book publishers.

Employee Newsletter Editor
Writes for and edits an employee newsletter. Works for employers in all fields. Requires skills in graphic design and layout.

Film Researcher/Copywriter
Reviews scripts, checks for factual and technical accuracy, rewrites copy, assists in creating storyboard representations of scenes. Relevant course work or prior experience preferred. Works for entertainment, documentary educational and industrial film producers.

Freelance Writer
Writes for publications for a negotiated fee, usually after submittal of a query letter proposing ideas for articles or stories. Typically works as an independent contractor.

Policy and Procedures Analyst
Writes manuals on internal operating procedures and policies. Works for employers in all fields.

Publications Researcher
Researches story and script ideas; maintains research files on topics and people, checks stories for accuracy. Works for newspaper, magazine or book publishers.

Radio/Television Copywriter
Writes and rewrites scripts for broadcast media. Entry-level posts are available in news departments.

Radio/Television Researcher
Researches story and script ideas for broadcast media. Maintains research files on topics and people; checks stories for accuracy. Works for radio and television producers.

Reporter/Staff Writer
Works and writes for a publication on a regular basis. Usually works under pressure of deadlines on general assignments before specializing in a particular area. In addition to newspapers and magazines, employers include corporations and agencies with in-house newsletters.

Secondary School Teacher
Instructs high school and junior high school students in specialized subject areas. Most secondary school teachers teach several courses in a single subject area. Public schools generally require certification; private schools typically do not.

Special Program Teachers
Instructs students enrolled in special education programs. Settings (e.g., churches, social service agencies) and topics (e.g., vocational training, preschool Head Start, drug-abuse prevention) vary widely.

Technical Editorial Assistant
Edits and proofreads material prepared by technical writers. Typically requires less technical expertise than technical writing does. Primarily employed by high-tech companies.

Technical Writer
Researches, writes and edits publications that communicate scientific technical information to readers with no technical background. Employers include corporations, professional associations and government agencies.

User Documentation Writer
Writes instructional manuals for computer users. Works for manufacturers of computer hardware and software. May require limited technical background.

To discuss the possibilities of an English internship, see the English department writing internship coordinator:

Ruby Macksoud
RBHL 129