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To ensure that students complete their degrees in a timely manner, get the most out of their experience at ASU, and meet requirements of the degree and department, graduate advisors will review student progress annually.

For satisfactory academic progress students must maintaining continuous enrollment with a GPA at or above the 3.0 minimum required for graduation and no more than three incompletes on their transcripts. Additionally, students must satisfy program requirements, including coursework, exams, and culminating experiences in a timely manner.

PhD students will receive an email either indicating they are making satisfactory progress towards their degree or stipulating what needs to be improved upon for continued success in the program.

Master’s students will be notified through email only if there is an issue of unsatisfactory progress in their program.

Students who are not making satisfactory progress may be recommended for dismissal from the program, according to university regulations. Lack of progress to degree can also be grounds for loss of one’s TAship.

Students who are being recommended for dismissal from the program due to unsatisfactory progress will be sent a letter in the mail as well as an email and will have the opportunity to appeal.

For more specific information about requirements, timeline, and review of academic progress, students should refer to the English Department Graduate Handbook and the Graduate College Policy Manual.