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Research Areas and People

Research Areas

Creative Studies

Creative scholarship in the Department of English is concerned with producing, performing, analyzing, and marketing expressive forms, and encompasses the disciplines of creative writing (fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction), film and media studies (screenwriting and film production), literature (historical and contemporary performance studies), and writing, rhetorics and literacies (the study of art forms as rhetorical devices).

Historical Studies

Scholars in the Department of English continue to examine the historical contexts within which forms of creative and critical expression are realized. Specific faculty strengths at ASU are in classical rhetoric; history of cinema; the literature of empire and colonialism; medieval and renaissance studies; historical linguistics; and the culture and products of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Pedagogical Studies

With the largest Writing Programs in the country and a rapidly growing English education curriculum, pedagogical studies has emerged as a true strength for the department and includes every area of study and every degree-granting area of the department. The Writing Programs provides a 'laboratory' for faculty and post-doctoral researchers to study methods and curriculum in the teaching of college-level writing. Faculty in our secondary language-arts teacher preparation programs conduct research on the efficacy of using young adult literature to effect change both in- and outside the classroom.

Textual Studies

Textual studies in the Department of English range from the production of standard editions of canonical and new authors to the creation of hypertexts in digital forms of expression. This area of enquiry encompasses methodological approaches to understanding and teaching how people engage language and create, consume, and circulate texts of all sort (imaginative, filmic, material, written, spoken, performed) in diverse media.

Transdisciplinary Studies

Transdisciplinary research and scholarship in English studies includes projects intersecting a wide range of fields, both academic and community-based, outside and across our department. Current areas of study include digital, environmental, and medical humanities; science and the imagination; film and popular culture; border studies; and many more.