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Linguistics and Applied Linguistics | TESOL

Enrolling in a linguistics, applied linguistics, or TESOL program at ASU provides opportunities to investigate and understand various forms and functions of human language and the “life” of language itself. Students graduate from our programs with deep knowledge of language and culture and are trained in research, teaching, advocacy, and critical thinking in a range of local and global settings.

The Bachelor of Arts in English (linguistics) is offered in-person and provides a holistic view of the history and inner workings of the English language. An undergraduate minor in linguistics is also available. The Master of Arts in linguistics and applied linguistics is offered in-person and gives ambitious students an opportunity to further delve into specific linguistic interests. Graduate students in other disciplines may also add a graduate certificate in linguistics offered by the program. Finally, the PhD in linguistics and applied linguistics is offered in-person and enables yet further specialization and research in an area of student interest and faculty strength.

Our TESOL program, one of the oldest and most respected in the country, prepares students for future careers in the international field of teaching English as a second/additional language. In-person programs include a master’s in TESOL, an undergraduate TESOL certificate, and a graduate CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) certificate.

We also offer a master’s in TESOL completely online, ideal for working professionals or those seeking to explore a new career.

Please contact Program Manager, LaMonte Key, with questions regarding the Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Program Area. For questions related to a specific program, please contact the appropriate undergraduate advisor or graduate advisor.

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