Enhance your academic and professional profile with an understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate language learning. Develop a solid theoretical understanding of computer-assisted language learning activities and the skills for implementing them in the language classroom.

Prepare yourself for advanced study in a number of areas, including English, linguistics, philosophy, African American studies, women and gender studies, law, history, politics and sustainability. When you've completed this certificate, you also are prepared for businesses and industries that require effective explanation and analysis of complex ideas, texts and systems.

Graduate Certificate

Linguistics (Graduate Certificate)

If you love the study of language, you can broaden your knowledge and training in linguistics. Study with world-renowned linguistics scholars to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen fields. Working professionals can pursue a stand-alone certificate for career development.

Studying the global Middle Ages will open new perspectives on the global present, provide you with a foundation for future study in the humanities, and encourage you to integrate the disciplines of literature, history and the arts in your studies.