What is a Gradership position?

Are you interested in working more closely with Department of English professors, working with students, and obtaining additional professional skills to include on your resume? Then consider applying for a Gradership position. A limited number of Gradership positions are available to motivated graduate students in a Department of English graduate program who are looking for a way to work with ASU faculty beyond their coursework and supplement their education with an income. If chosen, you will be assigned to a course in the fall and spring sessions with potential opportunities to grade in summer, assuming you successfully fulfill the basic requirements of the Grader position. Each year, there is a possibility for renewal of the Gradership position while you remain enrolled in the program.

What is required of a Grader?

A Grader will be asked to grade a variety of assignments, ranging from quizzes or exams to short informal writing or longer formal writing assignments in the class to which they have been assigned. In the case of simple quizzes or exams, this might mean following a key. For writing assignments, it often means meeting with the instructor via Zoom to confer about grading standards and do any “grade norming” – which means comparing samples of graded work. Regardless of what type of assignment you are grading, the primary duty of a Grader is to make sure that your grading conforms to the standards and expectations set out by the instructor and assignment rubrics. Please note that to be a successful Grader, we ask that you read or watch any materials necessary to prepare you for the grading, and be in regular contact with the instructor of record, via email, phone, or Zoom.

Keep in mind, this is not an instructional position. Grading always requires giving some feedback (to explain how an assignment was evaluated). However, there is no expectation that you would be delivering instruction to students, meeting with them to conference about papers, etc. If a student has a question about a grade, the instructor of record might ask you to provide a justification. However, if a student wants to know how to improve for the next assignment, or wants to contest a class grade, those issues are the responsibility of the instructor of record.

What training do Graders receive?

Graders are required to enroll in a self-paced Canvas course to complete orientation modules. Graders are allowed to bill for the time spent completing the training.

How many hours is a Grader expected to work?

Graders may be assigned to work in courses eligible for 10, 15, or 20 hours per week (varied per course). There is a hard limit of no more than 20 hours per week over the session (session A or B). Please note that this does not guarantee 20 hours each week. Some weeks might be a heavier workload while others will be lighter. 

What is the pay and are there any benefits?

Graders earn $15.12 per hour. The position is a part-time student worker position, so students cannot be working in another student worker position or other position at ASU. Note: student worker positions are not benefits eligible and do not come with tuition waivers or health insurance coverage.

How do I apply and what are the deadlines?

Step One: Applicants will submit a Gradership Interest Form for consideration. Students interested in grading during fall semester, please submit by June 15th. Students interested in grading during spring semester, please submit by October 15th.

Step Two: Applicants must also submit the Grader student worker application. To apply, search for 98090BR at https://students.asu.edu/employment/search.

When will I be informed if I received the Gradership position?

You will be informed approximately 2-4 weeks after the deadline if you have been offered the Gradership position. Please note that even if you are not chosen for the Gradership position at that time, Graderships may continue to be awarded on a rolling basis based on needs. You may also be eligible to be hired as a Grader for one semester only.