Registration Procedures for FMS Classes

There may be restrictions in registering for certain FMS courses. If you are not able to register, please follow the procedures below: 

Please email the professor of the course to get approval. Then fill out the Course Override Form. Select the Instructor Permission request type. A screenshot of an email from the faculty member approving this override is required. Make sure to fill out the form completely before submitting.

Once the override has been granted, then you can register on your MYASU homepage.

In order to register for Applied Project (FMS 593), please follow this procedure:

Download the Independent Study form.

Complete the top portion and obtain the required signature. Be sure to include the line number of the course, your ASU ID, and your email address. Obtain your Applied Project advisor's signature on the “instructor” line or attach an email confirmation.

Return the completed and signed form to Michael Begay in the English Department main office RBHL 170 for clearance to register. You will be able to register within 48 hours of returning the form.

These procedures are  used to grant registration clearance only. Students must still register for MAS courses through the online registration system. Make sure to indicate the correct number of credits (generally 3), as the default is one.