Winners of the Department of English's Homecoming Writing Contest for 2015.

Congratulations Homecoming Writing Contest Winners


Bruce Matsunaga

The Department of English Homecoming Writing Contest celebrates the creative and scholarly writing of undergraduate students within the ASU Department of English (English and Film and Media Studies majors or minors [non-BIS]).

The 2015 winners of the Homecoming Writing Contest are:

Winner for Poetry - Elliot Winter, "Five Poems" ("Sundown Syndrome," "Abscission Theory," "Bodily Dissociaton," "Lunch at the Silverado," "Meadowlands")

Winner for Scholarly Essay - Sarah Brady, “To See Inside Her Heart: an Analysis of the Significance of Grandmothers in the Chicana Bildungsroman”

Winner for Fiction/Creative Nonfiction (winner is in fiction) - Zachariah Webb, “Excellence in Sales”

Pictures from the Homecoming Lecture and Writing Contest Awards are available at: