Luu Nguyen

Video: Alum Luu Nguyen, 'The Flash and Me: Television, Visual Effects, and Life after ASU'


Bruce Matsunaga

In this Nov. 9, 2015 talk, ASU English and Film and Media Studies alum Luu Nguyen (BA 2014) discussed her path to gainful employment in Hollywood after earning her degrees in December, 2014—a year and a half early thanks to the FMS internship program. A firm believer that experience is one of the best ways to learn, she balanced her time at ASU between academics and hands-on film opportunities, including a summer internship with Walt Disney Studios. An Arizona native, she moved to Los Angeles in early 2015 to pursue a career in film editing. She currently works for Warner Brothers Studios in the visual effects department on the CW show, The Flash.

Watch video here.