Nominate a co-worker for ASU's 'Writer of the Year' award


Lisa Robbins

For the sixth year, the ASU English Department is recognizing a hard-working staff writer at ASU who deserves public recognition with its 2017 ASU "Behind-the-Scenes Writer of the Year” Award. Nominations are being accepted until Oct. 18.

Criteria for the award include:

• a person whose writing makes significant contributions to ASU's mission of serving students and the community 

• a writer who usually remains "behind-the-scenes" — this is someone who rarely if ever receives a byline or much public recognition for his or her work

• someone who shows commitment and dedication to the craft of writing.

•  a writer whose work most often shows sensitivity to audience and to changing rhetorical situations as needed for effective communication

In addition, the candidate must be able to appear at noon Oct. 20, on ASU's Tempe campus to receive the award from the Writing Programs director and English department chair. 

The winner's co-workers and nominating supervisor are encouraged to attend the event and cheer on the winner. This award is one of the major highlights of the "National Day on Writing," a day on which universities across the nation celebrate the central importance of writing in our lives.  

To nominate a candidate, email a short paragraph or two, along with links to two or three typical examples of your candidate’s work to Please explain how your candidate fits most or all of the above criteria and would be worthy of this public recognition.