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Concentration in Creative Writing | BA English

Objectives: ASU English majors will now have an opportunity to focus and develop their writing skills in poetry and fiction workshops. They will be guided in their writing by experienced writers and will be given various directions to consider their own literary expression, whether it be graduate school, community projects or the open work place. Instruction in the tradition(s) to which they can aspire and uphold, and from which they may draw inspiration, will be provided by faculty teaching the required courses for their major.

The student must either select as thier major the bachelor's in English with a concentration in creative writing upon being admitted to ASU or, after entering the university, meet with an English advisor to change to this major and concentration.

  • To complete the concentration, English majors who have already declared themselves in the creative writing concentration must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher in their major.
  • Concentration students must complete the two advanced courses in their genre (ENG 487 and ENG 498 in poetry, or ENG 488 and ENG 498 in fiction). Note that enrollment into these courses is restricted. Spaces are limited. Students must submit a portfolio and be selected to move forward. (See the "Portfolio Review Guidelines" below.)
  • Transfer students must seek advisement as to whether they will be able to successfully fulfill the creative writing concentration requirements.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Students admitted to begin 400-level coursework in Fall 2018 will take their advanced courses, English 487 (poetry) or English  488 (fiction), in Fall 2018 and their capstone course, English 498, in Spring 2019. English 487/488 and 498 may not be taken simultaineously. 

  • Portfolios are due, Monday, February 19th by 4:00 p.m. in the English Department Main Office in Ross Blakely Hall. Portfolios will not be accepted before Monday, February 12th.

Portfolio Review Guidelines Fileportfolio_review_spring_2018.docx

*Please be patient while faculty read portfolios. 

Bachelor of Arts in English with concentration in Creative Writing Checksheet - revised_undergraduate_cw_concentration_requirements_for_2012-13.pdf

To receive further information about the bachelor's in English with a concentration in creative writing, make an appointment to speak with English undergraduate advisor at 480-965-3168.

You may also contact the Creative Writing program Assistant Director, Jenny Irish (jennifer.irish@asu.edu), at 480-727-9130, RB 152.