The Department of English faculty is internationally renowned for innovative research and teaching and explores pan-world expression of the English language and its literatures, which span the global yet connect directly to the local. Our active and engaged group of teachers, scholars, and students pursue research in a number of traditional disciplines—such as creative writing, education, film and media studies, linguistics, literature, and rhetoric and composition—and also conduct research and publish work on the cutting edge of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary fields—from border studies, digital humanities and material culture to literature and science, sustainability, and women’s studies. 

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Cora Fox
Associate Professor

Fox's current work focuses on the histories of positive emotions and well-being, as well as the role of fictional and cultural narratives in shaping emotion.

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Peter Goggin
Associate Professor

Goggin's current research includes the study of rhetorics and discourses of sustainability and globalization in oceanic islands.

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Mark Hannah
Associate Professor

Mark Hannah's research examines what it means for scholars and non-academic practitioners to work successfully within and across professional and disciplinary boundaries.

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Julia Himberg
Associate Professor

Himberg's research interest include television, digital media, gender, sexuality, queer theory, industry studies, consumer culture, advertising, and market research.

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Christine Holbo
Director of Assessment, Associate Professor

Holbo studies American literature from the age of sentiment to the modernist era.

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Mark James
Associate Professor

Most of James work is with the MA and PhD programs in linguistics and applied linguistics, master's and certificate programs in TESOL, and BA (linguistics major).

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Kathleen Lamp-Fortuno
Director of Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies; Associate Professor

Lamp's primary research interest is in the history of rhetoric, specifically Roman rhetoric. She is the area director of WRL and the past president of the American Society for the History Rhetoric.

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Joe Lockard
Associate Professor

Lockard co-founded the Prison English project (now the Prison Education Program) and continues to teach a weekly poetry workshop at Florence State Prison.

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Elenore Long
Associate Professor

Long's scholarship draws on a wide array of rhetorical methods to test the limits and potential of day-to-day democracy under contemporary conditions

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Edward Mallot
Associate Professor

Mallot researches postwar British literature, postcolonial studies, gender and sexuality studies, and contemporary global/Anglophone literature, and contemporary South Asian literatures in English.

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Heather Maring
Associate Professor

Maring explores the way that early English poems draw upon oral, literary, and ritual forms of signification for their meaning.

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Aya Matsuda
Director of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Associate Professor

Matsuda is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics. Her research interests include the use of English as an international language and the pedagogical implications of the global spread of English.

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Matthew Prior
Associate Professor

Prior holds a doctorate in second language acquisition. He teaches courses in qualitative methods, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, TESOL, and second language acquisition.

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Christina Saidy
Associate Professor

Saidy's research focuses on writing and writing transitions with secondary students, teachers in professional development groups, and students entering college.

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Kevin Sandler
Associate Professor

Sandler has published in a wide number of anthologies and journals including Cinema Journal, Animation Journal, and The Velvet Light Trap.

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Bryan Smith
Associate Professor

Smith teaches a wide selection of courses in areas within applied linguistics. His research focuses on computer-assisted language learning.

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Aviva Dove-Viebahn
Assistant Professor

Dove-Viebahn's diverse interests include television and new media; gender and its representation in popular culture; community formation; and the role of the spectator in our digital age.

RBHL 124 English Department
Elizabeth Durand
Assistant Professor

Durand's current study examines how middle school students engage young adult literature in the context of a Youth Participatory Action Research after-school program.

Sarah Florini
Assistant Professor

Florini holds a doctorate in communication and culture from Indiana University. Her research focuses on the intersection of emerging media, Black American cultural production, and racial politics.

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Melissa Free
Assistant Professor

Free's current book project is “‘That Indefinable Something Besides’: Southern Africa, British Identity, and the Authorial Informant,”

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Jason Bryant

Bryant holds a doctorate in American literature from ASU. His primary research and teaching areas are contemporary American literature, queer and LGBT issues, race, ethnicity, and social identity theories.

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Nathaniel Bump

Bump's research interests include medieval and early-modern literatures with an emphasis in Middle English popular romance.

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Zan Cammack
Faculty Associate
Karen Carter
Faculty Associate
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Gregory Castle

Gregory Castle teaches literature and theory. His books include Modernism and the Celtic Revival, Reading the Modernist Bildungsroman, Literary Theory Handbook, A History of the Modernist Novel, A History of Irish Modernism.

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Shersta Chabot
Faculty Assoc

Chabot teaches composition for the Department of English.

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Grad Teaching Assistant
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Graduate Teaching Associate
Pauline Cheong
Affiliated Faculty

Cheong is an interdisciplinary scholar in the cultural implications of communication technologies, mediated developments for authority, religion, community and civic engagement.

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Angela Christie

Christie holds a doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees in English with emphases respectively in cultural studies, composition and rhetoric, and American literature.

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Grad Teaching Assistant
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Faculty Assoc
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Deborah Clarke

Clarke's primary field is 20th century American fiction.

David Cleveland
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Julie Codell
Affiliated Faculty

Codell's areas of specialization are Victorian culture, the Victorian press, Indian culture under the British Raj, life writings in Britain and India, Indian travel narratives, race and gender, the art market and world film.

ART 250
Jeffrey Cohen
Dean & Professor

Cohen is the dean of humanities in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is widely published in the fields of medieval studies, monster theory, and the environmental humanities.

Reese Conner

He teaches first-year composition courses as well as the occasional poetry workshop. He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and their three cats.

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