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Travel System Instructions

Questions? Contact Kristin, (480) 965-5228.

How to Access Travel Profile and Select a Manager
How to Create the Initial Travel Request- 2-3 weeks prior to the trip
How to Create an Expense Report- 2 days after you have returned from the trip
How to Check the Status of a Trip
How to Request a Zero Dollar Trip or For Insurance Purposes Only
How to Create a Modification- First Email Kristin to request a modification be made.
How to Change Account Signers 

  • STEP Program for Travelers and those traveling to High Risk locations. Individuals who are traveling internationally may want to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) offered through the U.S. Department of State. The program offers the traveler:
    • Important information from the US Embassy regarding safety conditions of the destination country,
    • Assists the U.S. Embassy in being able to contact you in an emergency, whether a natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency.
    • In the event of an emergency, provide help contacting family and friends.
    • The program is free and takes only a few minutes to enroll. In addition to enrolling in STEP it is advisable you provide your department and family emergency contact information in addition to your cell number.
    • These simple tools are additional methods in managing the safety and well-being of the traveler.
    • The link to the program is as follows:

Graduate Students

Please fill out the highlighted portions of the attached form to have a profile created for you in the new system. You will have to complete this form if you have not traveled since July 1, 2015 of this year. If you have traveled recently, use the faculty instructions. You must send this within six weeks prior to your anticipated travel.