English Computing Workshops Fall 2018

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For details on the Writing Programs Online Teaching Certification, see: https://english.clas.asu.edu/wp-online-teaching.

Abigail Oakley's Workshops

Digital Literacies & Online Teaching, Thursday 8/30 10am, RBHL 115

Although we often think about literacy as reading and writing, with advanced technology comes advanced forms of literacy. In this workshop, we will examine the nature of digital literacies in their social and educational contexts. Knowing the ins & outs of digital literacies can help us to better imagine the digital literacy of our students and how best to help them succeed in the online classroom. This workshop will count as a pedagogy badge.

Facilitating Online Peer Review, Wednesday 9/12 8:30am, RBHL 115

Peer review is an essential part of any writing class, however peer review can be difficult to organize when taking into consideration time constraints and lack of face-to-face rapport between students. This workshop will address some of those concerns, and give strategies for facilitating peer review three different ways: 1) On Google Drive, 2) Using the Groups feature of Canvas, and 3) Using Digication. This workshop will count as an application badge.

Teacher Persona & Managing Online Discussion, Thursday 9/27 10am, RBHL 115

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to present ourselves to students in an online classroom. In this workshop we will discuss strategies for introducing ourselves as well as strategies for being “present” in the online classroom. We will also be talking about strategies both for productive online discussion and time management regarding online discussion. This workshop will count as a pedagogy badge.

Using Social Media in the Online Classroom, Wednesday 10/10

Social media can be a great tool to connect with your students in online classes. From live tweeting a documentary to starting a Facebook group, we’ll discuss how social media can be used in the online classroom. In this workshop, we will create a heuristic for thinking about using new technology in your online classroom. We will also go over some of the concerns that arise when utilizing social media for classroom purposes (including privacy and FERPA). This workshop will count as a pedagogy badge.

The Importance of Reflexivity in Online Learning, Thursday 10/25

In this workshop, we will discuss the pedagogical tenets of self-reflexivity and valuing student experience as a strategy for helping students to see themselves as learners in the online classroom. By incorporating self-reflexivity and valuation of student experience in both course design and teaching praxis, you can help students to better articulate their own learning and make their online learning experience meaningful to them. This workshop will count as a pedagogy badge.

Creating Your Online Classroom, Thursday 11/29

The workshop focuses on how to approach the structure of your online classroom, covering topics like centralized, decentralized, and distributed course structures. We will take a hands-on approach to designing a Canvas shell. Request a sandbox Canvas, or get a head start on designing your Canvas shell for Spring 2019. This workshop will count as an application badge.

Bruce Matsunaga's Workshops

Blackboard and Canvas Grade Centers, Tuesday 8/28 3pm, RBHL 115

Since we have multiple platforms running at ASU and many new teachers decided to use Blackboard, I thought I’d try to provide an overview of many of the tools in the Grade Center, how to set up your course to use weighted grades, a discussion of the pros and cons of using weighted grades or points, use scenarios for tracking student performance, as well as best practices when using the Grade Center. This workshop will also show equivalent functionality in Canvas. This workshop will count as an application badge.

Getting Started with TechSmith Relay, Screencasting Tool, Friday 9/7 2pm, RBHL 115

TechSmith Relay is a free, ASU licensed screencasting tool. TechSmith Relay provides teachers with an easy way to create narrated presentations that you can post in Blackboard or publicly on any website. You can also use TechSmith Relay to make videos lectures and screencasts for your classes. Relay works on Windows 7-10 and OS X. The TechSmith Fuse app is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Example screencasts: https://youtu.be/udoV1JS7NgQ or https://youtu.be/OtW5qo3Y2Sc

This workshop is part tech demonstration and part best practices for using the tool to create presentations for online courses. TechSmith Relay is licensed for ASU teachers (including TAs) and staff only. Server storage space is provided on MediaAMP or in your YouTube account without cost to instructors. I will cover the request procedure during the workshop. This workshop will count as an application badge.

Getting Started with Zoom as a Video Conferencing & Screencasting Tool, Tuesday 9/18 3pm, RBHL 115

This workshop will walk participants through the new licensed video conferencing and collaboration solution at ASU, Zoom. Zoom provides high definition video conferencing and interactive collaboration tools. With Zoom you can instantly start a virtual meeting with colleagues and students with any desktop or mobile device. Telephone conferencing is also a standard connection option for any Zoom meeting. A few features that I like:

  • People joining the meeting don’t need an account. Only the host needs an account.
  • Meetings can have up to 100 participants.
  • Meetings can be recorded. Note, you can use this feature to create locally recorded webcam/screencasts.

For more information or to request an account, see https://asu.service-now.com/sp?id=kb_article&sys_id=237e0847db12d744b4da790aaf961976

This workshop will count as a skills badge.

Introduction to MediaAMP (streaming media server) and Captioning Tools, Friday 9/28 2pm, RBHL 115

This workshop provides participants with an introduction to the media server for ASU courses called MediaAMP. MediaAMP allows teachers to securely store and serve streaming media files (Audio: AAC, AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA; Video: 3Gpp, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG4, WebM, WMV) for ASU courses. As a streaming server, MediaAMP transcodes multiple versions of your media file and will automatically determine the appropriate quality to playback depending on the bandwidth available to your students.

Use cases include: hosting video or audio lectures and video or audio clips from copyright protected sources that fall under fair use (http://librarycopyright.net/resources/fairuse/).

I will also cover some tools to help you provide captions for your videos for accessibility and student convenience.

This workshop will count as a skills badge.

How to Copy your Blackboard Course Shell to Canvas, Tuesday 10/23 3pm, RBHL 115

This workshop will teach you how to create an export of a Blackboard Course shell and how to import that content to a Canvas shell and provide an overview of the imported content. This will be a hands-on course so please have a Canvas Dev Shell to work in. You can request a Canvas development shell by:

  1. Log in at https://my.asu.edu/courserequest/
  2. Select “Request a Canvas training / development / organization course“
  3. Enter a name, you can use DEV or TRN
  4. The rest of the procedure is the same as requesting a Blackboard course.

This workshop will count as a skills badge.

Introduction to Text Mining with Google Ngram and Voyant Tools, Friday 11/9 2pm

In this workshop, I offer a very brief primer on the general concepts of data and text mining and show some possibilities with two low entry tools that anyone can use to experiment. In these cases, we are only looking at two factors in each instance, word frequency and date with Google's Ngram Viewer and word frequency and position in the text with Voyant Tools. Voyant is a web-based suite of text reading and analysis tools that provide statistical and visual perspectives on a text or corpus. You might want to think of a full text that is available from Project Gutenberg or another text archive that you would like to explore.