English Department Fall Charity Drives

Continuing fall charity donations are open until . . . the last class day, Tuesday, Dec. 11.

1/ FOOD DRIVE for UNITED FOOD BANK until Tuesday, December 11 (19 work days – about 4 ½ weeks)

Karen Silva, bless her, is contacting United Food Bank to get boxes. We may get larger boxes than I had originally thought. Look for them on the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floor offices. I’m going to assume that Hassayampa is also going to have a box out. There is one box ready for donations right now in the Departmental Office, 5th floor.

Contribute checks made out to United Food Bank or cash to Karen Dwyer


• 19% of individuals and 27.2% of children under 18 lived in poverty in 2011
• AZ has the 6th highest percentage of individuals and the 5th highest percentage of children living in poverty in the US
• Food insecurity data from 2010 estimated that 19% of Arizonans struggled to feed their households during first 6 months of 2012
• Federal poverty guidelines in 2011 were set at $22,350 for a family of four


2/ ADOPT – A – FAMILY until Tuesday, December 11 (19 work days – about 4 ½ weeks)

As we did last year, we will adopt the number of families we can based on cash donations. Last year we adopted 3 small families.

We’ve signed up to adopt 1 ASU family to be assigned soon. Last year we adopted 1 ASU family (so we adopted a total of 4 families, 17 people, last year).

Contribute checks or cash only through the last class day, Dec. 11. We will have our assigned families by then, and we will assemble shopping lists. Our excellent shoppers will buy for families, and we will wrap presents somewhere around Dec. 20-22 and deliver soon afterward.

When you donate money to Adopt – a – Family, I will send you an email to acknowledge receipt and copy Adelheid Thieme on it.

Karen Dwyer
Principal Lecturer