"The Fledglings of Anani" Heather Poole MFA defense

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 5 p.m.
Language and Literature 316 (LL 316) ASU
Tempe campus

Committee: Norman Dubie (Chair), Cynthia Hogue, and Jeannine Savard. :: ABSTRACT: The Fledglings of Anani is a universe with an underlying organizing principle of desire, auspiciousness and serendipity. The veiled doors and windows of these realms serve as fugues bridging layers of time leading us through myth and landscape intimately tied to the physical intelligence of earth
and character of place. The poems travel further and further toward an allusive center with a contemplative inner eye that embraces the complexity and vitality of life.

More information: Corey.Campbell@asu.edu