Five Easy Steps for Scheduling Your Oral Examination

  1. Discuss with your committee when the oral examination should be scheduled.
  2. After deciding a date and time, contact Christopher Floyd in LL 542 to schedule a room for your examination.
  3. A few days before your exam, contact the English department main office at 480-965-3535 to reserve an audio cassette tape recorder for your oral exam. If you have a digital means of recording the exam, that is acceptable as well, providing you submit the disc or flashdrive to the Graduate Office.
  4. Download the Doctoral Oral Examination form. On examination day, bring this form and a blank audio cassette tape, or digital recording device, to your examination.
  5. After the examination, committee members will sign the oral exam form. Return the signed form and the tape or disc to Sheila Luna. Once the form is received, your exam status will be entered into the system as completed.