Dissertation Titles and Placements


Adams, John Henry  Book Culture and Assembled Selves in the English Renaissance.

Bump, Nathaniel  Fiscal Morality and the State: Commerce, Law, and Taxation in Middle English Popular Romance.  Dr. Bump is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Bommarito, Daniel  The Rhetorical Invention of Transformative Agency.  Dr. Bommarito is an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University.

Cooney, Emily   Examining Agency in the Discourse of Rice Farming.  Dr. Cooney teaches at Centennial College in Ontario, Canada.

Danton, Naomi  Development of the French Determiner Phrase in Monolingual and Bilingual First Language Acquisition.

Grieve, Sarah  Environmental Justice Witnessing in the Modernist Poetry of Lola Ridge, Muriel Rukeyser, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Elizabeth Bishop. Dr. Grieve is a Lecturer at California Polytechnic State University

Hendrickson, Kalissa   Affecting Objects: or, The Drama of Imperial Commodities in English Performance, 1660-1800. Dr. Hendrickson is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Kimbro, Devori  Trauma, Typology, and Anti-Catholicism in Early Modern England, 1579-1625. Dr. Kimbro is a resident faculty member at Central Arizona College.

Lima, Alberto  Towards a Sensorimotor Approach to Adult L2 Acquisition. 

Martinez, Christopher   Tecno-Soveriegnty:  An Indigenous Theory and Praxis of Media Articulated Through Art, Technology, and Learning.

Martinez, Michelle  Keeping Betty Ugly:  Manufacturing Diversity for Network TV. Dr. Martinez is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Moss, Meredith   English with a Navajo Accent: Language and Ideology in Heritage Language Advocacy.  Dr. Moss teaches at Hamilton College.

Nurani, Lusia  Changing Language Loyalty and Identity: An Ethnographic Inquiry of Societal Transformation among the Javanese People in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Dr. Nurani is a faculty member at Institut Teknologi Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Oliver, Veronica   The Work of the Puente Movement from April 23rd, 2010-September 6th, 2012: Shifting Dis /Courses and Bridging Differences to Oppose Senate Bill 1070.  Dr. Oliver is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Oliynyk, Olena  "Real Padonki:"  A Cultural Model Performed Through Language. A Case Study of an Online Discourse Community of Creative Writers.  Dr. Oliynyk teaches English at Arizona State University. Dr. Oliynyk is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Opel, Dawn.  Thinking "Outside the Box": Multiple Methodologies for the Study of Home Pregnancy Test User Experience.  Dr. Opel is a Post Doctoral Fellow in the IHR Nexus Lab and Computational Innovation Group at Arizona State University.

Shaffer, Shelly   Bilingual Latino High School Boys' Reading Motivation: Seven Case Studies Examining Factors that Influence Motivation to Read.  Dr. Shaffer is an Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University.

Simmons, Cynthia  Grade Inflation in English 102. Dr. Simmons is an independent internet technology consultant.

Stamper, Cambria   Women Rewriting Scripts of War: Contemporary U.S. Novels, Memoir, and Media from 1991-2013.  Dr. Stamper is an Instructor at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas.

Tekobbe, Cindy  Attack of the Fake Geek Girls:  Challenging Gendered Harassment and Marginalization in Online Spaces.  Dr. Cowles is an Assistant Professor at University of Alabama

Turner, Kyndra  From Frankenstein to District 9:  Ecocritical Readings of Classic and Contemporary Fiction and Film in the Anthropocene.

Uscinski, Izabela   Exploring Student Engagement with Written Corrective Feedback in First-Year Composition Courses. 

Walton-Ramirez, Anne  Negation and NegP Developmental Steps in Bilingual Spanish/English Children. Dr. Walton-Ramirez is a Lecturer for the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University.

William, Wendy  "Listen to the Poet":  What Schools Can Learn from a Diverse Spoken Word Poetry Group in the Urban Southwest.  Dr. Williams is an Assistant Professor of English Education at Arizona State University, College of Letters and Sciences.

Williamson, Melissa   "I Wasn't Reinventing the Wheel, Just Operating the Tools:"  The Evolution of the Writing Processes of Online First-Year Composition Students.

Zamora, Jerome   Mexican Immigrants Traditional and Nontraditional Literacy Practices at Home Prior to Their Children's School Attendance in the United States. 


Alden, Andrea  (Dis)articulating Morality and Myth:  An Ideological History of the Insanity Defense. Dr. Alden is an Instructor at Grand Canyon University.

Collier, Lizabeth  Internationalization of the U.S. University: How Instructors from Composition and Other Disciplines Evaluate Different Written Varieties of English.  Dr. Collier is a Lecturer for the English Language Center at the University of Denver.

Erdem, Ebru   Reflective Teaching Practices in ESL First-Year Composition Courses:  Examining Teacher Beliefs and Implementation of Technology.  Dr. Erdem is a Course Coordinator for the School of Letters and Science at Arizona State University.

Hammill, Matthew  Second Language Writing in Intensive English Programs and First Year.  Dr. Hammilll is a Visiting Professor at Oklahoma State University.

Johnson, Erik  The Motivations and Challenges of Acquiring U.S. Citizenship for South Sudanese Refugees in the Greater Phoenix Area When Language is a Potential Barrier.   Dr. Johnson is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Kiefer Cynthia  Community College Readers in Their "Transactional Zones."  Dr. Keifer is a resident faculty member at Scottsdale Community College.

Kim, Seong-Hoon  Oral Tradition, Activist Journalism and the Legacy of "Red Power":  Indigenous Cosmopolitics in American Indian Poetry.  Dr. Kim is an Instructor at Seoul National University.

Lin, Man-chiu  Indigenous Language Policy as Democratic Practices: Dialogues and Hope at the Intersection of Language Revitalization, Identity Development, and Community Rebuilding.

Mambu, Joseph   Negotiating the Place of Spirituality in English Language Teaching:  A Case Study in an Indonesian EFL Teacher Education Program.  Dr. Mambu is a Lecturer at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana.

Martinez, Natalie  Towards a Disruptive Theory of the Affectual:  Queer Hemispheric Theories of Affect and Corporeality in the Americas.  Dr. Martinez is an Assistant Professor at Bellevue College.

Montes, Amanda  The Use and Perception of English In Brazilian Magazine Advertisements. Dr. Montes teaches for Arizona State University's Division of Teacher Preparation.

Najork, Daniel  Translating Marian Doctrine into the Vernacular:  The Bodily Assumption in Middle English and Old Norse-Icelandic Literature.  Dr. Najork is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University.

Noschka, Michael  Biopolitics in the Age of Shakespeare. Dr. Noschka is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University.

Price, Jason   Desiring Animals:  Biopoliltics in South African Literature. Dr. Price is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Salihu, Flurije   Assemblages of Islamist Radicalism:  The Online Recruitment Practices of Extremist Terrorists.  Dr. Salihu is an Instructor at the School of Letters and Science at Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus.

Shepherd, Ryan  Composing Facebook:  Digital Literacy and Incoming Writing Transfer in First-Year Composition.  Dr. Shepherd is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University.

Swann, Alaya  Childbirth and Midwifery in the Religious Rhetoric of England 1300-1450. Dr. Swan is a Professor of English at Collin College.


Aldrich, Eric  The Wicked Man's Portion: Discourses of Vice and Moral Boundaries of Citizenship in Early New England. Dr. Aldrich is a full time faculty member at Pima Community College.

Bisnoff, Robert  Rhyme and Reason. Law student at Georgetown University.

Bryant, Jason  Queering Home:  Domestic Space and Sexuality in Postmodern American Literature. Dr. Bryant is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Fazel, Valerie  YouTube Shakespeares: Encountering Ethical, Theoretical, and Methodological Challenges in Researching Online Performance.   Dr. Fazel is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Fredricks, Daisy  Policy as Practice: The Experiences and Views of Teachers and Students in Mainstream Classrooms. Dr. Fredricks is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University.

Frost, Wende  Shibboleth: An Automated Foreign Accent Identification Program. Dr. Frost is a Computational Linguistics Researcher at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

Leavy, Adrienne  Representations of Women in the Poetry of Thomas Kinsella.

Matsunaga, Bruce  Romantic Cyber-Engagement:  Three Digital Humanities Projects in Romanticism.  Dr. Matsunaga is an Associate Research Professional at Arizona State University.

Parra-Guinaldo, Victor  Renewal of Old English Whether in the Left Periphery: A Minimalist Approach.  Dr. Parra-Guinaldo is an Assistant Professor at the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Pattison, Dale  Narrative Exploits: Space and Trauma in Contemporary American Literature. Dr. Pattison is an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

Pfannenstiel, Nicole   Multiliteracies in Practice:  A Case Study of Tool Use in Online Composition Courses.  Dr. Pfannenstiel is a Lecturer at Northern Arizona University.

Pinkard, Michelle  "I am the woman with the black black skin"  Maping Intersectionality in Harlem Renaissance Women's Poetry.  Dr. Pinkard is an Assistant Professor at Tennessee State University.

Read, Kathleen  'I ain't nobodies' ho':  Discourse and Identity Construction in the Sex Work Community.

Rogers, Uthairat  Thai English as a Variety.

San Pedro, Timothy  Understanding Youth Cultures, Stories, and Resistances in the Urban Southwest: Innovations and Implications of a Native American Literature Classroom.  Dr. San Pedro is an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University.

Sanchez, Shillana  Teachers, Texts, and Transactions:  Towards a Pedagogy for Teaching Literature.  Dr. Sanchez is an Instructor at the School of Letters and Sciences, Arizona State University.

Steigerwalt, Jennifer  Renaissance Performance Practices on Modern Stages. Dr. Steigerwalt is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University.

Waugh, Laura  Modernist Vintages: The Significance of Wine in Wilde, Richardson, Joyce, and Waugh. Dr. Waugh is Director of Marketing at Health Choice Preferred ACO.

Wegner, Peter  Computational and Close-Reading Analysis of State of the Union Addresses: Examining Two Approaches in Rhetorical Analysis. Dr. Wegner is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

Xia, Jing  Invention in the Dissertation Topic Selection Process: A Phenomenological Study.  Dr. Xia is a Lecturer at the University of Michigan.



Adams, Kelly  Literate Practices in Women's Memoirs of the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Adams is an Assistant Professor at Delaware County Community College.

AlHaidari, Fatma  Agency, Power, and Identity in Business Meetings: A Comparison Case Study of a Kuwaiti and American Organization. Dr. AlHaidari is an Associate Professor at Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in Kuwait.

AlRashed, Mohammed  Argument Structure in Arabic: Lexicon or Syntax. Dr. Alrashed is an Assistant Professor at Imam University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Bergin, Jeffrey  From Gatekeeping to Greeting: Fostering Persistence in First-Year Online Writing Courses. Dr. Bergin is Director of Product Design and Development for Pearson Online Learning.

Bolton, William  Early Medieval English Saints' Lives and the Law. Dr. Bolton is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Franklin & Marshall College.

Bhowmik, Subrata  A Sociocultural Approach to the Study of L2 Writing:  Activity System Analyses of the Writing Processes of ESL Learners. Dr. Bhowmik teaches at the University of Calgary.

Chaudhuri, Anita  In Search of an Identity: A Study on FYC Students' Preference of Course Labels and Identities.

Clifton, Jennifer Prioritizing Phronesis: An Inquiry into Imagination, Transformation, and Joint Rhetorical Problem-Solving with the Sudanese Diaspora in Phoenix.  Dr. Clifton is an Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso.

Dean, Sarah  Intergenerational Narratives: American Responses to the Holocaust. Dr. Dean is an Instructor at Arizona State University. Dr. Dean is an Instructor at Arizona State University.

DeCosta, Meredith Moving Towards a Race-Conscious English Classroom. Dr. DeCosta is an Account Manager for the Bob Marley Foundation, 1Love.

Dinez de Figueiredo, Eduardo  Conceptualizations of English as a Global Language:  The Case of Brazil.

Eisenberg, Jeremy An Urban Pastoral Wedding: The Influence and Development of Coterie Poetics in American Avant-Garde Poetry.  Dr. Eisenberg teaches at the University of South Florida.

Holiday, Judy   Reframing the Problem of Difference: Lillian Smith and Hierarchical Politics of Difference. Dr. Holiday is an Assistant Professor at the University of La Verne.

Khoury, Nicole  (Re) Positioning Lebanese Feminist Discourse: A Rhetorical Study of Al-Raida (Pioneer) Journal, 1976-1985. Dr. Khoury holds an Assistant Professor Lectureship at Saint Xavier University and is an Adjunct at DePaul University.

Lowry, Elizabeth  Otherworldly Figures: Rhetorics of Representation, Performance, and Femininity in Nineteenth Century Spiritualist Mediums' Autobiographies. Dr. Lowry is a Lecturer in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Pate, Leah  At Home in the World:  Maturation, Masculinity, and Domestic Space in the Caribbean Bildungsroman. Dr. Pate is a Lecturer at University of Southern California.

Powell, Mary  The Right to Write: Novice English Teachers Write to Explore Their Identities in a Writing Community.  Dr. Powell teaches English at North High School.

Saenkhum, Tanita  Investigating Agency in Multilingual Writers' Placement Decisions: A Case Study of The Writing Programs at Arizona State University.  Dr. Saenkhum is an Assistant Professor and ESL Director at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Spasovski, Lupco  Morphology and Pragmatics of the Diminutive: Evidence from Macedonian. Dr. Spasovski is an Instructor at Arizona State University, Department of English.

Vanginhoven, Bryan Reading Christina at St. Albans: A Literary History. Dr. Vanginhoven is an Instructor in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Wagner, Johanna From Indeterminacy to Acknowledgment:Topoi of Lesbianism in Transatlantic Fictions by Women, 1925-1936. Dr. Wagner is a Visiting Associate Professor at Hogskolen i Ostfold, Norway.

Yang, Hui-Ling  The Grammaticalization of Hakka, Mandarin and Southern Min: The Interaction of Negatives with Modality, Aspect, and Interrogatives. Dr. Yang is an Assistant Professor at National Quemony University in Taiwan.



Accardi, Steven  Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime:  A Study of One Local Public's Attempt to Negotiate Rhetorical Agency with the State.  Dr. Accardi is an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University, Hazelton.

Berry, James  Diachronic Approaches to English Adverbial Morphosyntax. Dr. Berry is an Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Flanagan, Melissa  Autobiography as Political Resistance:  Anne Moody's Coming of Age in Mississippi. Dr. Flanagan is an Associate Professor at Santa Fe College in Gainseville, Florida.

Gordon, Corrine Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: Three Case Studies. Dr. Gordon teaches at Northern Arizona University's Phoenix campus.

Graber, Stacy  Social Class Bias in Evaluator Commentaries for the AP Language and Composition Exam (2000-2012): A Critical Discourse Analysis.  Dr. Graber is an English teacher at Desert Vista High School.  Dr. Graber is an Assistant Professor at Youngstown State University.

Gyori, Bradford  Becoming the Medium. Dr. Gyori is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Storytelling at Bournemouth University.

Krouse, Penelope  Self-Silencing in the Early Modern Theater.

Lillie, Karen  Giving the Students a Voice: Surveying Students about Arizona's Structured English Immersion Language Policy.  Dr. Lillie is an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York, Fredonia.

Miller, Donna Talking with our Fingertips:  An Analysis for Habits of Mind in Blogs about Young Adult Books. Dr. Miller directs the Teacher Training Program at Aaniiih Nakoda College on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana.

Nathan, Sheri  Surface Conflict-Underlying Compatibility: Reconciling Conflicting Theories of Language.  Dr. Nathan is an EFL Instructor at Bais Yaakov Teachers' College in Isreal.

Nicholson, Cynthia  Finding Space Finding Voice:  The Racial, Ethnic, and Spiritual Identity of African American Students in the Southwest.  Dr. Nicholson is Associate Professor and Chair of the Language and Literature Department at Chowan University.

Rankins-Robertson, Sherry  An Informed Pedagogy: Using the Writing Program Administrators Outcomes Statement to Design First-Year Composition Curriculum. Dr. Rankins-Robertson is Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Student Success and Online Education at University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

Skinnell, Ryan   Writing Programs and Administration at Arizona State University: The First Hundred Years.  Dr. Skinnell is an Assistant Professor and Assistant WPA at San Jose State University.

Stauffer, Robert  M.N. and the Yorkshire Circle: The Motivation Behind the Translation of the Mirouer des Simple Ames in Fourteenth-Century England. Dr. Stauffer is an Assistant Professor at Dominican College of Blauvelt

Wheeler, Jennifer  "Saad Bee Hahoozhood Jini": It Began Harmoniously with Language It is Said: Navajo Women's Literature Analysis, Personal Short Fiction, and an Introduction to an Oral Narrative. Dr. Wheeler is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico, Gallup campus.


Bledsoe, Hedra  Fruit Borne of (Super)Natural Decree: Concerns of Health Literacy within Humanae Vitae. Dr. Bledsoe teaches English at University of Phoenix College of Humanities.

Cahill, Lisa  A Comparative Study of Faculty and Graduate Student Expectations of Writing in One Discipline.  Dr. Cahill is Associate Director of the University Academic Success Programs at Arizona State University's Downtown Phoenix campus and West campus.

Callaway, Micheal  Authentic Performance: The Paradox of Black Identity. Dr. Callaway is a resident faculty member at Mesa Community College.

Chang, Chung-Chien  Evaluating Cat Country: The Humor Within Satire. Dr. Chang is an Assistant Professor at National Taipei University.

Deakin, Kathleen Student Perception of Writing in the Science Classroom. Dr. Deakin is an Assistant Professor at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado.

Muckerheide, Ryan  English Laws and Customs in Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur. Dr. Muckerheide is an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University's Fireland Campus.

Pantoja, Veronica  An Analysis of Writing Tutoring Assessment in Four College Writing Centers. Dr. Pantoja is a faculty member at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Parker, Allison  Mammy Versus Mulatta: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Act of Passing and the Influence of Controllng Images in Fannie Hurst's Imitation of Life.  Dr. Parker is a resident faculty member at South Mountain Community College.

Quintero, Henry. Nay Es Tee Ni: The Visibility of Earth: Literature and Music of the Native American Church and Peyote Traditions.

Sindel-Arrington, Tricia  Using Internet Polling to Capture Students' Perspectives. Dr. Sindel-Arrington is an Assistant Professor at Chandler Gilbert Community College.

Skipper, Alicia  Women Write the U.S. West:  Epistolary Identity in the Homesteading Letters of Elinore Pruitt Stewart, Elizabeth Corey, and Cecilia Hennell Hendricks. Dr. Skipper is an Assistant Professor at San Juan College in New Mexico.

Taylor, Claude Brian A Qualitative Study of the Systemic Use of One-on-One Teacher-Student Writing Conference in a Secondary Environment.

Tsurska, Olena  Clausal Architecture and Sentential Negation in Slavic. Dr. Tsurska teaches English at University of San Diego and ESL at University of California, San Diego.

Vassett, Christine.  Resistance in Teaching Assistant Education: Surrendering through Learning-Centered Assignment.  Dr. Vassett is a resident faculty member at Mesa Community College.

Walsh, Laura  Get Real, Girl: You'll Never Be Perfect: An Analysis and Comparison of Feminine Identity Construction in Popular Teen Magazines and the Novels of Laurie Halse Anderson.  Dr. Walsh is an Assistant Professor at SUNY, Potsdam.

Wolterbeek, Ellen  A Comparison of Perceptions and Decision-Making by Composition Instructors Teaching Both Online and Face-to-Face Courses. Dr. Wolterbeek is an Associate Professor at Northern Essex College. 


Austin, Mary Lynette   A Critical Edition of Lady Sarah Pennington's An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to Her Absent Daughters, In a Letter to Miss Pennington. Dr. Austin is an Instructor for the School of Letters and Science at Arizona State University.

Bolton, Michael Sean  Mosaic of Juxtaposition: The Narrative Strategy of William S. Burroughs. Dr. Bolton is an Assistant Professor at American University in Dubai.

D'Antonio, Amy   "Devouring Anxiety:" Victorian Breastfeeding and the Modern Individual. Dr. D'Antonio teaches writing and rhetoric at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Hadjistassou, Stella  Polyphony, Conflict and Argumentation in Networked and Face-to-Face Exchanges Among Advanced English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners:  A Cultural-Historical Activity Perspective. Dr. Hadjistassou is a postdoctoral research fellow at the KIOS Institute, University of Cyprus.

Johnson, Ellen   Alterations: Gender and Needlework in Late Georgian Arts and Letters. Dr. Johnson is a Lecturer for the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Karam, Richard  Shaping our Perceptions of Reality Through Personal Linguistic Reframing.

King, Ami    Daniel Defoe's Erotic Economics: Roxana, Moll Flanders and the Functional Finance of Romance Fiction. 

Merrill, Darin  A Comparative Analysis of the Text of the Hengwrt and Ellesmere Manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales, Based on the Hengwrt Digital Edition, Estelle Stubbs, Ed. Dr. Merrill is a Professor at Brigham Young University Idaho Campus.

Nebeker, Helen  Jean Rhys:  Woman in Passage.

Pogson, Deborah  A Middle Sort of Wickendness:  Property, Law, and the Subversion of Patriarchy in Farquhar's Drama. Dr. Pogson is an editor at the Sandra Day O'Conner College of Law at Arizona State University.

Randonis, Jennifer   Masquing Cultural Difference: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Theatrical Pageantry.  Dr. Randonis is an Assistant Professor at Anderson University.

Robinson, Clarissa  A Critical Edition of Elizabeth Carter's Life and Work.

Rodrigo, Rochelle  Motivation and Play: How Faculty Continue to Learn New Technologies.  Dr. Rodrigo is an Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University.

Serrano, Stephanie   No More Tears: La Llorona at the Crossroads of Feminism, Postmodernism and Futurity in Chicana Theory and Criticism.

Sheffield, Kathryn  The Creation of Female Gender Identity on Evangelical Television: Old Wine in New Bottles. Dr. Sheffield is a resident member at Mesa Community College.

Skeen, Thomas  Institutional Practices and English Departments: Technology Production. Dr. Skeen is an Associate Professor at Grand Canyon University.

Smith, Carol  "Sphere" as a Gendered Space: Cognitive Linguistic Models of Conceptual Metaphor and Embodiement in Nineteenth-Century Woman's Rights Discourse, and What a Linguistic Analysis Can Reveal About Gender and Sphere Ideology.  Dr. Smith teaches at South Mountain Community College.

Turley, Nancy  A Corpus-Based Analysis of "I" and "ME" Variation in Coordinate Noun Phrases. Dr. Turley teaches English at Utah Valley University.


Behm, Nicholas Whiteness, White Privilege, and Three First-Year Composition Guides to Writing. Dr. Behm is an Associate Professor at Elmhurst College.

Chen, Yi-Ting A Minimalist Approach to Amis Structure and Complementation.

Clemens Fox, Regina Teaching and Learning, and their Evaluation, Made Visible: Using Theories of Rhetoric to Assess Higher Education. Dr. Clemens Fox is the Director of Composition and Associate Professor at Oklahoma City University.

Cole, Kirsti Of Being and Passing Away: Performativity and Women's Activist Rhetoric. Dr. Cole is an Associate Professor at Minnesota State University.

Dal Martello, Chiara A Linguistic and Cultural Study of Female Visibility in Two Italian Media Genres. Dr. Dal Martello is a Lecturer for the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University.

Darrington, Anjanette. Film Adaptations in the Classroom: An Investigation of Methods of Teaching Film and Recommendations for Change. Dr. Darrington is an Assistant Professor at Southern Connecticut State University.

Deal, Clarice Pedagogical Factors in the Use of Music in Foreign Language Instruction: The Didactic Note in the Portugese Subjunctive. Dr. Deal is a Lecturer for the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University.

Diller, Frederick Jason (Re)Writing Identity: New Literacy Practices Among the Prai of Northern Thailand.

Endres, William Rhetorical Invention in the Book of Kells: Image and Decoration on their Flight to Meaning. Dr. Endres is an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky.

Fedirka, Sarah  Toward a Locational Modernism:  Little Magazines and the Modernist Geographical Imagination. Dr. Fedirka is an Assistant Professor at University of Findlay

Jordan-Diller, Kari Program Planning Inside-out: Understanding Prai Perspectives on Education and Culture.

Jung, Michael The Readers of Oz: A Behind the Curtain Look at the Meanings Created from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dr. Jung is a professional writer and online book dealer.

Keeling, Tatiana Surviving in Post-Soviet Russia: Magical Realism in the Works of Viktor Pelevin, Liudmila Petrushevskaya, and Liudmila Ulitskaya. Dr. Keeling is an Assistant Professor of English at Central Arizona College.

Mejia-LaPerle, Carol Gendered Rhetoric in Renaissance Drama: Female Agency and the Problems of Persuasion. Dr. Mejia-LaPerle is an Assistant Professor at Wright State University.

Pegram, David Archetypal Images in Young Adult Baseball Fiction. Dr. Pegram is an Instructor in the Department of English at Arizona State University. Dr. Pegram is an Instructor at Arizona State University. Dr. Pegram is a land developer is Safford, Arizona.

Perry, Michael Writing Blue: Performing Spirituality, Freedom, and Repetition in Blues Literature. Dr. Perry is an Assistant Professor at Rockford College.

Ricker, Lisa Performing Memory, Peforming Identity: Jennie Drew's Autograph Album, Mnemonic Activity, and the Invention of "Feminine" Subjectivity.

Ryan, John L1 Acquisition of Argument Structure in Spanish. Dr. Ryan is an Assistant Professor at University of Northern Colorado.

Santos, Jennifer Anxieties of Audience: A Study of Gendered Gothic Reception. Dr. Santos is an Assistant Professor at Grand Canyon University.

Sims, Lynn The Grammaticalization of Ingressive Aspect in English. Dr. Sims is an Associate Professor at Austin Peay State University.

Sun, Chen Chen Variations in BA Construction and Its Relevance to DP: A Minimalism Perspective.  Dr. Sun is an Instructor in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Thacker, Dawn Silent Soldier: Rhetorical Constructions of Subjectivity in the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Army. Dr. Thacker is a resident faculty member at South Mountain Community College and Writing Center Coordinator.

Volf, Stephanie  A "Medicyne of Wordes".  Women, Prayer, and Healing in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth- Century England.  Dr. Volf is an Instructor at the University of South Alabama.

Whitehouse, Carol  Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers:  Imagining Feminism.

Yena, Lauren Venture Philanthropy and Literacy Sponsorship in the Twenty-First Century: A Study of a Community Outreach Program. Dr. Yena is a full-time English Instructor at Gateway Community College and the Coordinator for Maricopa Community College Honors Program.

Yu, Ho Jung  Interactional Structure in the Writing Process:  A Comparison of Three ESL Writing Classes.  Dr. Yu is a Lecturer in the Department of English at Kyungil University.



Bahtchevanova, Mariana Mood, Modality, and Complementation: A Cross-Linguistic Study of the Syntax and Semantics of the Left Periphery. Dr. Bahtchevanova is a Lecturer in the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University.

Brannon, April Place-Based Experimental Learning and Reflective Journal Writing: A Narrative Study of One University Course. Dr. Brannon is an Assistant Professor at California State University, Fullerton.

Dickson, Vernon "Emulation Hath a Thousand Sons": Emulation, Rhetoric, and Social Decorum in Renaissance Drama. Dr. Dickson is an Assistant Professor at Florida International University.

Dombrowski, Rosiarie Divine Election, Marginal Representation: Poetic Appropriations of Confessional Discourse from Colonial America to the Nineteenth-Century. Dr. Dombrowski is a Lecturer at Arizona State University, Downtown Campus.

Gillis, Bryan The Instructional Practices of Three Sixth Grade Writing Teachers. Dr. Gillis is an Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University.

Ho, Mei-Ching Academic Discourse Socialization of American and Taiwanese Graduate Students in TESOL: A Case Study of Small-Group Activities. Dr. Ho is an Assistant Professor at National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan.

Ji, Mingping A Synchronic and Diachronic Study of the Chinese C-Systi: Sentential Adverbials, Mood Particles and Complimentizers.  Dr. Ji is an Engish teacher at Cesar Chavez High School.

Kaulaity, Marlinda Writing Beliefs Among Navajo College Freshmen. Dr. Kaulaity is Assistant Superintendent for Professional Development for the Window Rock School District in Arizona.

Melucci, Donatella Tense and Aspect in Learners of Italian. Dr. Melucci is a Viisiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University.

O'Neal, Angela Negative Dialects and the Cultural Logic of the Anorexic Body. Dr. O'Neal is an Assistant Professor at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia.

Roses-Thema, Cynthia Capturing the Dancer as Rhetor: Embodied Perception in a Dance Performance. Dr. Roses-Thema is a Lecturer in the Department of Dance at Arizona State University.

Tait, Dana Camelion Poetics: Keats, Detachment and British Aesthetics. Dr. Tait teaches English at Arizona State University. Dr. Tait is a Lecturer in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Waggoner, Zachary Passage to Morrowwind: (Dis)Locating Virtual and "Real" Identities in Video Role-Playing Games. Dr. Waggoner is the Director of Writing at Stanford University in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric.

Walker, Paul Writing and Learning from Context: Perceptions of Composition in First-Year Learning Communities. Dr. Walker is an Assistant Professor at Murray State University.


Al-Bargi, Abdullah The Modernization and Democratization of American Higher Education, 1850-1900: A Political and Social Perspective. Dr. Al-Bargi is an Assiociate Professor of Appliedd Linguistics and the Vice Dean of Development for the English Language Institute at King Abdulaziz University.

Bollerman, Karen The Long Arm of Variation: The Poetics of Concept Patterning in Beowulf. Dr. Bollerman is an Assistant Professor in Humanities and Arts at Arizona State University's Polytechnic Campus.

Clary-Lemon, Jennifer The Rhetoric of Identity: Scholarly Journals and Activism as Sites of Change, 1939-2004. Dr. Clary-Lemon is an Assistant Professor at the University of Winnipeg.

Dean, Darlene Arab Women's Agency in Fatima Mernisi's Colonial to Postcolonial Literature.

Hoyt, Heather An "I" For Intimacy: Rhetorical Appeal in Arab American Women's Literature. Dr. Hoyt is a Lecturer in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Hussein, Lutfi Discursive Construction of Arab-American Group Identity on the World Wide Web. Dr. Hussein is a resident faculty member at Mesa Community College.

Kelleher, Wendy C. A Twenty Year History of Rainbow Sections of First-Year Composition. Dr. Kelleher is a realtor with Kelleher and Associates.

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