Grammar Practice Sheets

The Grammar Practice Sheets consist of simple straightforward lessons created by students in ENG 482 Methods of Teaching English Language. Classroom teachers are invited to download these lessons either for class instruction or for use by individual students who need a refresher lesson and practice with one or more of the most common mistakes. Our purpose in making these lessons was to give future teachers real-life practice in communicating grammatical concepts clearly enough that middle or high school students could use the worksheets for independent practice. We envisioned teachers assigning particular sheets only to those students who need practice in one area.

We would be happy to hear suggestions about how we can improve these lessons, as well as requests for additional lessons. Please e-mail Alleen Nilsen at

PowerPoint presentation: Avoiding Dangling Participles

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Individual Grammar Practice Sheets (in Adobe PDF)

Phrases with All


Fewer vs Less



Reflective Pronouns

Restrictive vs Nonrestrictive Clauses

Restrictive vs Nonrestrictive Clauses


They're, Their, There

Verb Agreement

Who, Whom, Whose