ASU Linguistics Faculty

American English and Culture Program

Mark Rentz (M.A., William Carey International University, Pasadena, California): Intensive English Programs

Computer Science and Engineering

Gregory S. Aist (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University): Computational linguistics, computer-assisted language learning, intelligent tutoring systems

Aryeh Faltz (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley): Artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, Native American languages (Navajo)

Curriculum and Instruction

Sanford Cohn (Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University): Foreign language instruction among gifted adolescents

Carole Edelsky (Ph.D., University of New Mexico): Language education, literacy, classroom discourse, language and gender

Christian Faltis (Ph.D., Stanford University): Bilingualism, second language acquisition, English as a second/foreign language, TESOL

Eugene E. Garcia (Ph.D., University of Kansas): Bilingualism, language policy

James Paul Gee (Ph.D., Stanford University): Discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, educational linguistics, language and culture

Elizabeth Hayes (Ph.D., Rutgers University): Adult literacy; literacies and new technologies; learning sciences

Jeff MacSwan (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles): Codeswitching, bilingualism, language minority education, syntax

Aya Matsuda (Ph.D., Purdue University): Teaching English as a second/foreign/international language, World Englishes, nonnative English speaking teachers in TESOL, teacher education

Carlos Ovando (Ph.D., Indiana University): Language policy

Kellie Rolstad (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles): Bilingualism, two-way immersion, educational linguistics

Mary Eunice Romero (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley): Indigenous language education, language revitalization and maintenance

Department of Language, Cultures, and History

Akua Duku Anokye (Ph.D., CUNY City Graduate School and University Center): Sociolinguistics of the African American community, orality and literacy, discourse analysis and storytelling

Patricia Friedrich (Ph.D., Purdue University): World Englishes, sociolinguistics, EFL/ESL, crosscultural communication

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Teresa McCarty (Ph.D., Arizona State University): Indigenous language education, language revitalization and maintenance, language planning and policy

Terrence G. Wiley (Ph.D., University of Southern California): Bilingualism, biliteracy, language policy, educational linguistics, English as a foreign language


Karen Adams (Ph.D., University of Michigan): Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, Southeast Asian linguistics, language policy

Dawn Bates (Ph.D., University of Washington): Phonology, Native American languages (Salish)

Elly van Gelderen (Ph.D., McGill University): Syntax, history of English

Mark James (Ph.D., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto): TESOL

Roy Major (Ph.D., The Ohio State University): Second language acquisition, phonology

Paul Kei Matsuda (Ph.D., Purdue University): Second language writing, English for academic purposes, history of applied linguistics, electronic discourse

Don Nilsen (Ph.D., University of Michigan): Humor, semantics

Hugh Downs School of Communication

William G. Davey (Ph.D., Indiana University): TESOL, language policy


Harry Bracken (Ph.D., University of Iowa): Philosophical work of Noam Chomsky, 17th and 18th century philosophy

Bernard W. Kobes (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles): Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind

Angel Pinillos (Ph.D., Rutgers University): Philosophy of language, semantics


Stephen Goldinger (Ph.D., Indiana University): Cognitive systems, behavioral neurology

Guy Van Orden (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego): Psycholinguistics

Greg Stone (Ph.D., University of California at San Diego): Psycholinguistics

Psychology in Education

Kathy Nakagawa (Ph.D., Northwestern University): Literacy, biliteracy, family-school relations

Willi Savenye (Ph.D., Arizona State University): Educational technology, instructional design and evaluation, language in online learning, computer-mediated instruction

School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation

Bryan Smith (Ph.D., University of Arizona): Applied linguistics, TESOL, second language acquisition theory, sociolinguistics, computer-assisted language learning

School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Elizabeth A. Brandt (Ph.D., Southern Methodist University): Native American languages, language and culture, endangered languages, language renewal, sociolinguistics, language policy

Thomas J. Hudak (Ph.D., University of Michigan): Southeast Asian linguistics, ethnopoetics discourse, endangered languages

School of International Letters and Cultures

Mariana Bahtchevanova (Ph.D., Arizona State University): Syntax, Romance, Slavic linguistics

Holly Cashman (Ph.D., University of Michigan): Codeswitching, bilingualism, sociolinguistics

Lee B. Croft (Ph.D., Cornell University): Slavic linguistics, iconicity, mnemonics, poetic translation

Daniel Devitt (Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo): Historical linguistics, linguistic typology, TESOL

Carmen Garcia (Ph.D., Georgetown University): Spanish pragmatics, applied linguistics

Barbara A. Lafford (Ph.D., Cornell University): Second language acquisition, applied linguistics, computer- assisted language learning, Spanish linguistics

Helene Ossipov (Ph.D., Indiana University): Computer-assisted language learning, Québécois studies

Danko Šipka (Ph.D., Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences): Slavic linguistics, computational linguistics

Peter Suwarno (Ph.D., Ohio University): Indonesian Linguistics

Xia Zhang (Ph.D., University of Alberta): Second language acquisition, discourse analysis, Chinese linguistics, language pedagogy

School of Social and Family Dynamics

Ariana Mikulski (Ph.D., University of Iowa): Second language acquisition, heritage language acquisition, bilingualism, Spanish morphosyntax

Speech and Hearing Science

David Ingram (Ph.D., Stanford University): Child language acquisition, language universals

Laida Restrepo (Ph.D., University of Arizona): Bilingualism, language disorders in bilingual children, Spanish language assessment and intervention